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BrightHAT is going to transform the tutoring landscape, especially in Nigeria, by connecting learners to the very best tutors anywhere, anytime. Our team is made up of seasoned educators and technologists who are passionate about using technology tools to improve learning outcomes for students and other types of learners. We complement what regular schools do by bringing structure and measurable outcomes to K-12 education.



We are on a mission to advance exemplary academic performance by connecting learners to the very best tutors anywhere, anytime.



Our vision is to be globally recognized as a leading provider of borderless, outcome-focused tutoring.

The BrightHAT™ Way

BrightHAT’s way of teaching is inspired by Liz Kolb’s Triple E Framework, which is designed to foster engagement in learning goals, enhancement of learning goals, and extension of learning goals.


Our instructional strategies are technology driven to ensure that authentic engagement is occurring, while lessons are developed to help students stay focused as the instruction progresses. We use technology to support active learning, differentiation, personalization, higher-level thinking, and real-world connections in ways that traditional tools could not.


Every tutor imbibes the BrightHAT way within days of joining our team.


“An exemplary lesson plan combines all three Framework components, engaging students in learning goals, enhancing those learning goals, and extending the learning goals into everyday life.”
– Kolb, L (2017). Learning First, Technology Second. The Educator’s Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons

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Head of Technology

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Head of Curriculum Development

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Head of Academic Advisory Committee