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Acids, Bases and Salts (CHM8)

Small Group Class (3-5) | N1,500 per class (max of 1hr) | Total # of Classes: 10

Acids and bases can be classified as strong or weak, depending on the degree of dissociation in water. Strong acids and bases completely dissociate in water, producing stoichiometric amounts of H+ and OH– ions, respectively. Weak acids and bases produce similar ions but do not completely dissociate in water. At the end of this module, among other things, students will gain very good understanding of definitions and classifications of acids and bases, physical and chemical properties of acids and bases, meaning, classification and uses of salts, Deliquescent, efflorescent and hygroscopic compound, acids, bases and salts as electrolytes, laboratory and industrial preparation of salts, acid-base indicators, concept of pH, hydrolysis of salts, and acid-base titration. 

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