School Connect Plus Teach your students online as you would in a classroom. You have everything you need in one platform Brighthat SchoolConnect Plus is your go-to online Learning Management […]

Are you tired of struggling fruitlessly to improve your abilities in a particular subject(s)? Do you have an upcoming exam/test to prepare for, but you can’t seem to get a […]

Mathematics is a fascinating subject and an essential degree to pursue. Ask me why? Because it is a useful tool that is; applicable to real world situations excellent for your […]

Did you know that studying foreign languages, especially French, at an early age has proven to improve academic performances, enhance flexibility of mind and increase creativity?  Did you know that […]

Over a hundred students from Technology and Engineering Students’ Association (TESA, Ibadan) took a break from their usual school activities on Thursday, October 21st, to participate in the Job Fair […]