Job Fair: Brighthat Trains over 100 students in Job Creation

Over a hundred students from Technology and Engineering Students’ Association (TESA, Ibadan) took a break from their usual school activities on Thursday, October 21st, to participate in the Job Fair Program championed by the global EdTech Industry- Brighthat Limited. The function did not only focus on providing employment opportunities for the target audience. It also gave the Organization a shot at networking and flexing its mission, vision, passion and pertinence. 

Mrs. Funke Adeyemo was the chief Anchor, commencing the event with the recitation of the National Anthem and engaging the students about their current moods; the students in return expressed feelings of excitement, motivation and inquisitiveness. While at it, she introduced the Company to the students, expounding on Brighthat’s essential goals.

Mr. Adewale Adeyemo and Mr. Mobolaji Moyosore were the grand speakers, who indulged the scholars to pick a campaign or subject they were most passionate about. He also encouraged them to prepare themselves for career exploration. Mr. Wale relayed the purpose of the event to the students; he explained that the fair’s sole aim was to introduce them to the corporate world by sharing employment opportunities with them at Brighthat Limited. This would help them monetize their skills and talents appropriately. It will also help them expand their niche in the EdTech industry. Mr. Mobolaji Bolaji reiterated the company’s mission, purpose and framework; he said that the most crucial ambition of Brighthat Limited is to instill moral rectitude through Brighthat’s way. In his words, “our hope is to satisfy teachers who teach our students…whether you are an experienced teacher/tutor, you will undergo extensive training to better serve our students.” 

After the presentations given by featured speakers, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions which were insightfully answered by Mr. Wale. Few of them asked the following questions:

  • “What are the modes and styles of tutoring?”
  • “Which set of people would we be tutoring?”
  • “Will there be compensation or salaries for tutors?”

The Q&A session was followed by discussion on recruitment and selection process anchored by Mrs. Funke, after which she proceeded to engage the students through the registration and subject tests session. At the beginning of the session, participants were presented with necessary information by Mr. Sylvester Aladejana, which aided them through the course of the assessment that lasted for 20 minutes. Each student was allowed to take only one subject test amongst Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and they did that accordingly. However, some of the students who had difficulties with setting up their dashboards were dutifully assisted by the team members. The participants were then advised to keep their fingers crossed, as successful candidates would be contacted for the next phase of recruitment process. 

Thereafter, refreshments were served to the participants; the event struck a chord with a participant named Akinola Abdulaziz, who remarked, “this is really a great experience. I am so glad to be a part of this exercise because it’s not every time that students get this sort of opportunity.”

The program was wrapped up by Mrs Funke, revealing the perks of being an employee at Brighthat Limited. With the encouragement from participants, a chance for them to interact with the key speakers and team members, the interviews granted to the press and a savory refreshment, the job fair was indeed an accomplishment. 

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