Benefits of Teaching Your Children the Yoruba Language.

Getting a well-rounded knowledge of the Yoruba language and culture at an early age helps kids find their strengths, prepares them for a diverse life of learning, and gives them a foundation upon which they can continue to build. 

The Yoruba Language is unique and its variants are spoken across West Africa, Cuba, Republic of Benin and Tobago. The importance of letting your children learn Yoruba cannot be overemphasized hence, this article will explore some of the benefits of teaching your children Yoruba and how to get them to start speaking within a short period of time.

Identity – Idanimọ: It is quite agreeable that Language is key to identity. Language is not only what you speak, it also serves as a means of cultural identification. A child who knows how to speak his native language has been saved from battling with issues of identity when he grows, and that is why it’s imperative to get your child to start learning Yoruba language now.

Community/connection – Asopọ:  Knowing the Yoruba Language and being able to speak it fluently amongst the tribe in any part of the world, brings about a sense of belonging. This helps in fostering a beneficial and cordial relationship. When a child is denied this experience, it causes them to withdraw when they find themselves in such an environment as they grow. 

Employment Opportunity – Anfani ise sise: It’ll interest you to know that teaching your children another language, especially Yoruba Language will help in their paths of choosing a career. In 2015, the London Metropolitan Police made it mandatory for applicants to be fluent in another language apart form English, and Yoruba Language is among the required Languages. Likewise the U.S Army and other job openings – applicants are mostly required to be fluent in more than one language. 

Other reasons why it’s important for you as parents to ensure your children learn Yoruba is that you’ll be raising bilingual children and the language will not die with you, i.e. you’ll pass it onto the next generation.

What is the best way to teach my children to speak Yoruba? Let’s get you started!

Brighthat’s Online Yoruba Beginner Classes for children in nigeria and children outside Nigeria – why you need to enroll your children;

  • We deliver qualitative lessons using the Triple E technique, what we refer to as “The Brighthat’s Way”:
    • Engagement in Learning goals – we engage students in learning processes in order to keep them focused and attentive. 
    • Enhancement in Learning goals – we enhance students’ learning abilities by helping them outline a structure that they respond to.
    • Extension of Learning goals – we connect our students to a true and genuine world via the means of technology.
  • With a number of certified and highly-vetted experienced Yoruba tutors, Brighthat provides the best online learning experience. To learn Yoruba Online can be quite challenging, but it is easier with the help of a professional. Enroll your child now and see immediate improvement!


  • At the end of the Beginner course, learners will be able to;
  1. Engage in conversations around basic things in the home
  2. Express themselves in relation to time and days of the week
  3. Understand how to greet at different times of the season
  4. Name each part of the body and talk about them
  5. Identify and name simple objects 
  6. Make sentences and conversations with pronouns
  7. State different types of foods and how they are derived
  8. Express themselves using weather elements and basic means of transportation.
  • The risk of the Yoruba language becoming extinct over the next 50 years is very high because the proficiency level of Nigerians aged 25 and under is very low. This generation of Nigerians make up 62% of its population. BrightHAT aims to reverse this ugly trend by using technology tools to stimulate interests in the Yoruba Language and culture

We look forward to starting this journey with you.

Together, we can preserve the beautiful Yoruba Language!

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