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UTME Mathematics Classes

From the study of Numbers and numerations to Statistics, find Mathematics exam preparation classes that fit any need—all taught by highly-vetted expert instructors.


Numbers and Numerations (MTH1)

A number and numeration is basic operations binary operations, conversion to different bases for numbers, fractions and decimals

  • Total # of live classes: 4

Algebra (MTH2)

Algebraic processes are a collection of several methods used to solve a pair of linear equations with two variables. Algebraic expressions are a combination of symbols, containing one or more numbers, variables and arithmetic operations.

  • Total # of live classes: 6

Geometry and Trigonometry (MTH3)

Geometry deals with the shapes, angles, dimensions and sizes of a range of objects. Plane geometry explains the structure of two-dimensional shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.

  • Total # of live classes: 5

Calculus (MTH4)

Claculus refers to limit of a function, differentiation of explicit algebraic and simple trigonometric functions ( sine, cosine and tangent).

  • Total # of live classes: 3

Statistics (MTH5)

Frequency distribution,histogram, bar chart and pie chart, mean, mode and median of ungrouped and grouped data

  • Total # of live classes: 5