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Through the BrightHAT platform, we aim to help people accomplish their language-related goals. Particularly, we are passionate about addressing the rate at which Nigerian languages are disappearing among the Nigerian middle-class at home and abroad.

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Taught by experts from a huge range of subjects broken down into their simplest parts, our online classes offer students of all ages a fun and engaging way to learn.

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Student Centered

Proven, accomplished, and carefully selected tutors delivers live classes the BrightHat way

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Learning is re-enforced through a wide variety of offline learning activities

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Excel in junior and senior secondary school when taught the BrightHAT way

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Organic Chemistry

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We choose only the best educators for our students. Each applicant must pass a rigorous vetting process, including simulations, background checks, and interviews.

BrightHAT is changing the tutoring and knowledge transfer landscape by connecting learners to the very best tutors anytime, anywhere. We’re laser focused on outcome, which is why we only work with duly vetted tutors.