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Magnetic and Electric Fields (PHY19)

Small Group Class (3-5) | N1,500 per class (max of 1hr) | Total # of Classes: 9

 Electric field can be described as a physical field that surrounds electrically-charged particles and exerts force on all other charged particles in the field, either attracting or repelling them. Magnetic field refers to the portion of space near a magnetic body or a current-carrying body in which the magnetic forces due to the body or current can be detected. At the end of this module, among other things, students will gain very good understanding of concept of magnetic field, magnetic fields and its patterns, magnetic lines of force, electromagnets and its application, electric motors and dynamos, magnetism and magnets, the Earth’s magnetic field, induction coil, methods of making magnets, magnetic force on charge moving in a magnetic field, and transformers. 

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