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Exam Prep Physics Assessment

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Units, Measurements & Scalars and Vectors
Mechanical Work, Energy and Power
Heat Energy
Static Electric Charges
Description of Properties of Fields Gravitational
Waves: Reflection of Light Waves
Nigerian Satellites, Rockets and Satellites
Dynamic Electricity and Electric Field II:- Current Electricity
Particle Nature of Matter, Crystal Structure & Fluids at Rest and in Motion and Models of The Atom
Basic Electronics, Harvesting of Solar Energy- Solar Collector
Equilibrium of Forces
Simple Harmonic Motion
Lineear Momentum
Pressure in Fluids, Gas Laws
Waves:- Refraction of Light Waves, Application of Light Waves, Sound Waves
Electric Field III:- Conduction of Electricity Through Liquids and Gases
Magnetic and Electric Fields, Magnetic Field
Electromagnetic Field
Simple Alternating Circuits
Nucleus, Radiactivity, Nuclear Reactions
Energy Quantization
Wave-Particle Paradox
Nuclear Physics II