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Waves (PHY17)

Small Group Class (3-5) | N1,500 per class (max of 1hr) | Total # of Classes: 9

There are different types of waves but all waves are due to vibrations. Water and Sound waves are due to vibrations of layers of particles in their media. Light and radio waves do not require a medium; these types of waves are called electromagnetic waves. Waves can also move in directions different from those of their media. At the end of this module, among other things, students will gain very good understanding of formation of images on plane mirrors, simple lens camera and projector, production and transmission of sound, the human eye and camera, microscopes and telescopes, characteristics of sound and forced vibrations, dispersion of white light, transverse and longitudinal waves, properties of waves, vibrations in strings and Pipes, application of sound waves in musical instruments, and Hearing Aids. 

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