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BrightHAT provides instructor-led online tutoring services that enable individuals to fulfil their learning needs from anywhere, at any time. Unlike other similar companies, we break subjects into smaller, easily comprehensible units and then define learning outcomes for each of these units, which are taught over 45-minute live sessions by certified tutors. Our tutors are trained to teach in alignment with the Triple E Framework, which fosters engagement in learning goals, and enhancement and extension of learning goals. To aid knowledge retention, tutoring sessions are recorded and can be accessed by students over a period long enough for them to master the contents with a view to attaining their learning goals.

  • BrightHAT will leverage technology tools and its resource pooling model to make highly qualified and accomplished tutors accessible to public school students who otherwise would have no chance of learning from and interacting with these teachers, especially in STEM subjects. Efforts will not be duplicated as tutors will only focus on addressing gaps in a student’s understanding of certain subjects or topics using BrightHAT’s innovative diagnostic tools.
  • Selected public schools will be equipped with technology tools – at no cost to those schools – that enable highly qualified tutors to teach a large group of students from participating public schools to improve outcomes for those students over a period of 12 months.
  • BrightHAT’s educational products are most cost-effective when used to supplement what students are being taught. Specifically, the goal is to make students more rounded in subjects by identifying and addressing where gaps lie in their understanding of certain topics. With that said, these products can also be used to address teaching capacity related issues, especially where a participating school does not have teachers for certain subjects.

West African Examination Council

Out WAEC connect program is specifically designed to help students prepare for WAEC, GCSE, … The fully online class is held online with 24/7 access to tutors

Joint Admission Matriculation Board

At Brighthat, we are laser-focused on outcome . To this end. we always strive to tailor lesson plans to the needs of individual students to ensure that we’re helping them address their specific areas of interest. This way, we will get a good idea of area of strength and weakness.