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BrightHAT is changing the tutoring and knowledge transfer landscape by connecting learners to the very best tutors anytime, anywhere.

We’re laser focused on outcome, which is why we only work with duly vetted tutors.

Why become a BrightHAT Tutor?

Grow your income, earn more

We select only the top 5% of tutors that pass through our 4 – step selection process. If you are selected, you have access to a large pool of learners globally and a chance to grow your income. The more classes you teach the more you earn.

Choose where and when you want to teach

All classes are taught online, you decide when and where you want to teach. Eliminate transportation costs and increase productive hours. Master online teaching tools & methods. Enhance your career

Our 5-step selection and onboarding process

Subject Assessment

complete a short quiz in the subject you are apply to teach

Duration 15 Minutes

Tech Survey

Tell us whether you have the basic technology tools required to teach

Duration 5 Minutes

Sample Class

Prepare sample teaching material and teach a sample lesson

Duration 30 Minutes

Hiring Decision

Wait to hear back from us about the outcome of your application

Duration 5 Days


If successful undergo platform and teaching philosophy, training and begin to teach

Duration 2 Week from step 1

What tutors are saying?


Maths Tutor

BrightHAT is a great platform that connects students to best tutors. It optimizes technology to promote seamless delivery of learning for improved students’ performance.


Chemistry Tutor

Students are able to learn at their own pace until their learning goal is achieved. Improved students’ performance is a possibility this great tool helps to achieve.

Our Tutors

What other Parents are saying

BrightHAT – Tutor’s Attributes and Teaching Tools

Passion for teaching

Tutors must be passionate about imparting knowledge in simple ways that promotes students’ understanding and achievement.


Subject expertise

Tutors must be experts in their chosen subjects with proven record of excellent lesson delivery.

High Speed Internet

You must have minimum of 15 Mbps internet connect and 1GB of data for each class..


Personal Computer

Your personal computer must be in good shape, well charged with microphone and webcam/camera.


Teaching the BrightHAT Way

Triple E Framework


Frequently Asked Questions


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