Start Ap statistics Early

This summer program will give students a head start in AP Statistics. In 7 live sessions, students will learn about exploring categorical data, one- and two-variable quantitative data, probability, random variables, and probability distributions.
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Exploring categorical data

Lesson 1
-Frequencing table
-Bar graphs
-Quiz 1
-Fractiions, decimals, and percentage
-Quiz 2

Explore one-variable quantitative data

Lesson 2
-Frequencing table and dot plots
-Box and whisker plots
-Comparing data display
-Quiz 1
-Mean, median and mode

Explore one-variable quantitative data

Lesson 3
-Mean absolute deviaton
-Quiz 2
-Linear equations with variables on both sides
-Linear equations with unknown coefficients
-Quiz 3

Exploring two-variable quantitative data

Lesson 4
-Introduction to scatter plots
-Estimating with trend lines


Lesson 5
-Fractions, decimals and percentage
-Comparing decimals and fractions
-Quiz 1
-Arithmetic with fractions


Lesson 6
-Quiz 2
-Probability introduction
-Experimental probability
-Quiz 3

Random variables and probability distributions

Lesson 7
-Predictions with probability
-The counting principle
-Probability distributions introduction

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