Frequently Asked Questions

1-on-1 Tutoring

Q: What is the duration of a live tutoring session?

A: Duration of every live tutoring session ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

Q: Are live tutoring sessions automatically recorded?


Q: Will students have access to recorded sessions?

Yes, access to recorded session will be made available to students for a minimum period of 90 days

Q: What happens if I miss a live session?

A: Sessions missed due to tutor’s tardiness, unavailability or technology-related issue will be rescheduled, However, if a student misses a live session for any reason, such session will NOT be rescheduled.

Q: What is your policy about tardiness?

A: A “No show” occurs when a student fails to arrive at a scheduled live session within 15 minutes of the commencement of that session . Such session will considered to have been missed by the student.

Q: Can a student request for a session to be rescheduled in advance?

A: Yes, a session can be rescheduled if we are notified at least 24 hours before the schedule start time

Test Prep

Q: What test prep program do you offer?

A: We only offer SAT test prep program for now

School Connect

Q: How does SchoolConnect work?

A: We only offer SAT test prep program for now

Q: Can private schools also participate in the SchoolConnect program?

A: Yes

Q: Can SchoolConnect tutors replace school teachers?

A: Yes, access to recorded sessions will be made available to students for a minimum period of 90 days.

Q: what is the minimum requirement for a school to participate in the SchoolConnect program

A: Participating schools must provide at least one classroom with furniture for up to 50 students, power, and internet access.

Become a tutor

Q: How do I apply to teach at Brighthat ?

A: The quality of our tutors are very important to what we do, to maintain this quality we take candidate tutors through a 5 stage assessment process and only about 10% of applicants make it through. Visit the career page of our website to learn more and submit your application to teach with us.

Q: Can I apply if I am still an undergraduate?

A: We welcome applications from final year students with distinction in the subject they would like to teach, we will take them through the vetting process and train those with potential to succeed as tutors.

Q: What equipment do I need to use to teach at Brighthat ?

A: BrightHat tutors are required to have a passion for teaching, subject expertise, have high speed internet connection and a computer with webcam and headset. To learn more visit

Q: What platform will I use to teach ?

A:BrightHAT uses a custom tutoring platform, integrated with audio, video and several unique technology tools & features for an engaging online learning experience.

Q: Is there a maximum number of classes a tutor can teach ?

A: BrightHAT tutors will teach subjects within their area of specialization with a minimum of 14 hours per week, but can teach as many classes as they can take every week.

Q: What curriculum do you use ?

A: We work with learners across several subjects and jurisdictions. Our curriculum is developed after intensive research on pedagogy by top educators, subjects are broken down into their simplest parts, they are student-centred, outcome-focused and complies with the standards of all jurisdictions of our learners across the world.

Q: What is policy about class interruptions and no shows?

A: Please try to reconnect again. Call the technical support line if the situation remains unresolved, the support engineer will check equipment and internet connection speed. If the interruption is due to equipment or internet issue from the tutor, the tutor will not be paid for that class. No shows from the tutors is not acceptable, if the tutor will not be available for a booked class, he needs to provide at least a week notice.

Q: Payment Information

A: Tutors are paid by direct bank deposit at end of each month.

Q: How long is the duration of tutor's contract ?

A: The contract will be for a duration of three months. It is renewable based on performance.

Q: Are there learning and development opportunities for tutors ?

A: There are periodic performance reviews and training provided to tutors to improve their capacity to deliver quality and engaging training and improve their professional competence. Tutors will exceptional performance are also recognized monthly with a tutor of the month award.


Q: What Languages can I learn at Brighthat ?

A: You can currently learn Yoruba and French languages, please visit out language pages for more information on how to join our language classes

Q: Can children learn on Brighthat ?

A: We welcome learners from 6 years and above, our classes and curriculum are differentiated for all categories of learners from age 6. contact us to discuss your learning requirements

Summer School

Q: What can I learn during the summer class ?

A:Learners will catch up on Math contents taught in the previous school year and preview contents for the upcoming school year through real-world applications, project-based learning, student discussions and many more. Please visit for details on each plan.

Q: When does the Summer School start?

A: The Summer School starts in July and ends in September each year. For more details on start date options and how to enrol, please visit

Q: What else is on offer at the Summer School ?

A: Families can also enrol their children in Yoruba or French Languages to improve their language skills or learn additional foreign languages during the summer holidays. Visit our language page for more information <insert hyperlink to language home page>

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