How to Smash your exams with Brighthat

Are you tired of struggling fruitlessly to improve your abilities in a particular subject(s)? Do you have an upcoming exam/test to prepare for, but you can’t seem to get a hang of it? OR you simply are enthusiastic about learning new things? Brighthat is here to help you!

Brighthat is one of the best online platforms for learning. Our learning management experts provide you with carefully vetted and experienced tutors who have soft spots for helping people. Our tutors are skillfully trained in their fields, and are always ready to deliver. Through the BrightHat way of teaching and unique technological tools, you can now learn about a wide range of subjects, languages and so on. The most interesting part? You get to learn at your comfort zone at any time! How cool, right?

The BrightHat Way | Triple E Framework 

It will excite you to know that we have specially designed the Triple E framework – a technique that has proven to foster;

  • Engagement in Learning goals – we engage students in learning processes in order to keep them focused and attentive.
  • Enhancement in Learning goals and – we enhance students’ learning abilities by helping them outline a structure that best works for them.
  • Extension of Learning goals – we connect our students to a true and genuine world via the means of technology

This framework is put together to ensure that our students excel academically. Also, to make sure that our learners’ goals are fulfilled. 

Brighthat’s Products

Studying at Brighthat means you are accessible to a wide range of courses at your fingertips. Our subjects are taught by the best tutors who will do everything to see you improve excellently. So, come learn from the absolute best! Our learning products include but not limited to;

  1. Exam prep: WAEC/NECO/JAMB – at Brighthat, we help you prepare for both internal and external exams by tailoring lesson plans to your specific needs and interests. We can help you ace that exam! Let’s begin with a free assessment: click here 
  2. Languages: French/Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa – Brighthat creates opportunities for you to learn and be fluent in major foreign and Nigerian languages. You can learn at any time, from anywhere, on any smart device and the best part, you learn from the best and interesting tutors! Whether you are taking these languages at school and you want to improve on them, or you want to learn for the purpose of taking a job, or simply for fun, Brighthat is the perfect platform for you to achieve these. Start learning now!
  3. Small group classes: Biology/Physics/ChemistryMathematics – Brighthat’s small group classes allows you experience active and social engagement for as low as N1500. Explore our small group classes here
  4. One-to-on tutoring – Brighthat’s one-to-one tutoring gives you a more flexible, safer and relaxed place to learn in; where you can discuss your struggles with the tutor, where the tutor can easily access your strengths and difficulties, and come up with a long-lasting solution for you. Request a one-to-one tutoring now!

Do you have other tutoring needs different from the ones listed above, or do you need other types of support? Not to worry.  Brighthat’s Customer Success Associate works with you to develop and implement a learning solution that is aligned with your needs. Make a request now!

What’s more at Brighthat?

On Brighthat’s learning platform, all your sessions are recorded and uploaded to your portal within 24hrs, so you can review at your own time.

It is no doubt that online learning is the future of education. Apart from its nature of flexibility, it minimizes the negative impact that stems from transportation and insurgencies, especially in Nigeria. Brighthat online learning platform is here to transform the educational system by offering you the best learning experience and achievement.