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Why Students struggle with math

Why do children struggle with math? Recent surveys show that 37% of learners aged 13–17 found math to be intimidating. Here are some of the reasons contributing to their difficulties with math:

Inadequate foundation: Building math skills can be likened to constructing a building; it requires a solid foundation. If your child misses some fundamental concepts, it could hinder their progress in more advanced math.

Inadequate teaching methods

The teaching methods used in schools may not cater to the various learning styles of students; as a result, some students would struggle to grasp the concepts being taught.

Lack of quality educational resources

Access to quality resources can vary, and not all children have the same opportunity to supplement their learning.

Lack of interest

Math may not be taught in a fun and engaging way, leading to a lack of interest. Without enthusiasm for the subject, learning becomes challenging.


Many kids experience fear when it comes to math. This can stem from past negative experiences or the perception that math is too difficult.

These factors can impact learners’ confidence in math and hinder their ability to learn adequately. Which is why it’s crucial to help children address these challenges so they can overcome their struggles.

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